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Flat Screen TV Protectors

Benefits of AirPack TV Protectors

  • Save up to 90% of your packaging storage space.
  • All bags are 100% recyclable.
  • Our bags reduce costly damages and returns.
  • AirPack bags improve customer service and satisfaction.
  • They can speed up your packing processes and are quick to inflate
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • No expensive start-up costs or machinery required, you only need a small air compressor.
  • AirPack Systems use highly durable co-extruded plastic.

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Product name Code
AirPack 50" TV End Cap Bags SP-56
AirPack 65" TV End Cap Bags SP-57

Why use Inflatable TV Protectors?

Those who send fragile items in transit know just how important their safety is, and there’s nothing worse than an unhappy customer when they receive damaged goods. Prevent against costly damages and refunds by investing in quality packaging materials that cushion even the most fragile items from the shocks and vibrations of the road with AirPack inflatable packaging systems.

Minimise the chance of the clatter of broken glass and the panic that follows by investing in quality packaging materials that prevent damage successfully. We don’t just stock TV protectors, but inflatable bottle packaging and other fragile protectors too.

How does AirPack work?

AirPack’s inflatable technology works in a unique way by inflating once the bag has been placed over the item to wish to protect. This method allows the chambers to inflate and mould perfectly to the contours of the items offering superior protection.

There is no special equipment needed to inflate AirPack  and can be filled using a standard air compressor and only takes a few seconds to fill which is great for your warehouse’s productivity. Here at Ferrari Packaging we stock inflatable packaging machines at low prices.

The air flows through one way valves into independent chambers. This means that if one is to burst your item is still protected by the other chambers.  

Compared to other packaging materials such as environment damaging polystyrene or pulp AirPack can reduce your costs by up to 90% thanks to the reduced risk of damage and returns.

There’s no need to worry about your AirPack chamber’s deflating over time as once filled they can hold air for two years. You can use this packaging for long term storage, or during transit. What’s more, our inflatable packaging can be reused by you or your customers giving it a longer lifecycle promoting sustainability.


Sustainable packaging products by Ferrari Packaging

Today consumers are looking for industries to promote sustainable choices and AirPack is 100% recyclable; perfect for those who are looking to make less of an environmental impact.  Did you know that? 83% of consumers worldwide say that it is important for businesses to make efforts towards sustainability? Another great benefit of AirPack systems is that it uses only a fraction of the storage space that traditional packaging supplies need as it’s delivered uninflated cutting down on wasted space and fumes emitted during shipping.

Ferrari Packaging can ship our goods throughout the UK to suit your packaging needs. Contact us today to speak with our expert staff and discuss your requirements.


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