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Woven Corded Polyester Strapping Kits

Benefits of Woven Polyester Strapping Kits

  • Fully mobile and can be used wherever strapping is needed.
  • Includes a handy tool tray to store strapping kit accessories.
  • Promotes tidiness in the workplace.
  • Durable and long-lasting equipment made of lightweight material.
  • Avoids hazardous strapping being left on the floor.
  • Improves strapping efficiency and productivity.

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Woven Corded Polyester Strapping Kit 61-WPSK

Woven Corded Polyester Strapping Kits

Woven corded polyester strapping kits are a cost effective introduction to polyester strapping.

The trolley mounted system is ideal for heavier duty strapping applications and uses retensionable woven polyester strapping which is a safer alternative to steel strapping.


What is Included with a Strapping Kit?

  • The cart is used to store and dispense the strapping and avoid spare strapping being strewn across the floor.
  • Tensioners are used to tighten the strapping around the load, the tighter the strapping the more secure the load is. This is extremely important when items are being sent in transit where shifting may occur.
  • Seals are used to hold the strap in place.
  • Sealers are used to close the seals over the strap.
  • A cutter is a safe way to cut excess strapping.

Ferrari Packaging also stock all these items individually, our strapping buckles come in three different sizes and are available in boxes of one thousand. We offer wholesale bulk discounts and deliver throughout the UK to meet all your packaging needs.

What is Woven Polyester Strapping?

Woven polyester strapping is an extremely popular packaging material, it is most commonly used to secure pallets, containers and bundling industrial loads.

Woven polyester strapping is extremely strong and combines strength and shock resistance. This super strong material is a modern alternative to steel strapping. This type of strapping is great pallet banding as well as heavy duty strapping applications, including:

  • securing rigid loads
  • bricks
  • timber
  • export cardboard boxes


  • Very good elongation
  • Very good break strength
  • Very good UV resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Why is Strapping Important to my Business?

Effective strapping is beneficial to your business at it secures items which are being kept in storage or being sent in transit. Failing to strap goods properly may result in damaged items, stock loss all which affect your company’s profit.  

Different strapping secures loads differently, so you must consider different options before choosing a material.

Steel strapping should be used to heavy-duty loads with sharp corners.

Extruded Polyester strapping will not rust or stain your packaging and retains its elasticity.

Polypropylene strapping hand strapping is light and flexible, perfect for lightweight strapping applications.

Before choosing your strapping material, ask yourself;

  • What item is being strapped?
  • Where is this item going?
  • How long will the item be strapped?

Strapping is a popular method of securing loads throughout the packaging industry, from small bundles to export pallets. Ferrari Packaging bring their expert knowledge to you to help you choose the right strapping application for your needs. Contact our team today, together we have over 60 years’ experience in the packaging industry and love to hear from our customers.

Whether strapping by hand or investing in an automatic machine to improve large-scale strapping productivity we stock a plethora of strapping and strapping accessories to streamline your strategy.


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